Acute dry Pleurisy causes, diagnosis, DD and treatment

Definition of Pleurisy

It is inflammation of the pleura ( the membrane that surrounds the lung ) as a result of irritation .
 1- Primary :  viral, TB., malignancy.
2- Secondary        : to systemic disease as S.L.E., FMF, Rheumatoid disease
3- Extension from near by structures
Acute dry Pleurisy causes, diagnosis, DD and treatment

Clinical Picture

(Pleurisy is not a diagnosis but simply the term used to describe an underlying disease)

1- Chest pain  : • stitching • localized • increase with cough & inspiration .
2- False dyspnea due to pleuritic pain
3- Diminished chest expansion in the affected side, palpable pleural rub may be present (pleural fremitus).
3- Pleural rub or pleuropericardial rub by auscultation.

Defferential diagnosis of Acute dry Pleurisy

• Other causes of acute chest pain • Differentiation between causes of pleurisy

Investigations : Directed to the cause e.g.:
• Plain X ray for pneumonia • Lung scan for pulmonary infarction
• Markers for SLE, rheumatoid disease.

-  NSAID for pain.
-  Specific treatment for the cause.

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