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Suppurations of the Pharynx | symtoms, signs, treatment
I. Peritonsillar Abscess (Quinsy) Definition : Collection of pus between fibrous capsule of the tonsil, usually at its upper pole & the ...
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Anovulation causes and pathogenesis
Anovulation is a very common problem which presents itself in a variety of clinical manifestations, including amenorrhea, irregular mense...
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Sinus and Fistula | Differential Diagnosis, signs & how to examine
This is a detailed guide: how to reach a diagnosis in a case of sinus or a case of fistula. Medical History: Duration and mode of onset : ar...
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Ulcers | Examination, Defferential Diagnosis and how to diagnose
This is a detailed tutorial about how to diagnose a patient with ulcer . This approach leads you to reach a final diagnosis and to put the...
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Pharyngitis due to Diphtheria | symptoms, complication, dd, treatment
Definition : Acute specific infection of the pharynx (throat). Etiology :  Gram positive bacillus (corynebacterium diphtheriae) transmitted ...
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Pharyngitis (Sore throat) causes, treatment and FAQs
What is pharyngitis?  Pharyngitis (Sore throat) is inflammation of the pharynx (back of throat). It is one of the most common reasons for ...
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Tonsillitis causes, symptoms, treatment, FAQs
What are palatine tonsils and their function? They are two masses of lymph tissue located at either sides of the back of the pharynx (th...
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