Dysuria, Frequency micturition and urgency definition and causes

In this article, We are going to discuss some of the lower urinary tract common symptoms with illustration of their definitions and common causes.
The symptoms to discuss here are : Dysuria (Painful urination), Frequency micturition and urgency .


Dysuria means pain on passing urine rather than difficulty in doing so .

Frequency means that the urine is passed more often than normal without an increase in the total volume.

Urgency is a strong desire to pass urine,Or sudden need to pass urine, which may be followed by incontinence if the circumstances are not suitable.

Common causes

 - Dysuria, frequency and urgency are associated with irritation of the bladder and urethra by infections, tumor or stone.
 - Dysuria alone may be due to urethritis.
 - Urgency alone may be due to anatomical change as in gynecological disorder or neurological disease.

 - Frequency alone may be due to anxiety or abnormal bladder muscle tone (Detrusor instability).
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