Hearing aid| definition, use, components and types

Definition: Sound amplification system, that increase the level of surrounding sounds to make them audible to hearing aid users.

Goals and uses of hearing aids

  1. Amplify normal speech.
  2. Hear warning signals.
  3. Help in education & language development.


1-Microphone: pick up sounds and transfer to electric energy.
2-Amplifier: amplify the electric energy.
3-Receiver: converts electric energy to sounds.
4-Power supply.
5-Controls: gain and tone control.

Types of Hearing aids

  • Air conduction: Open fit, behind the ear (BTE),in the canal hearing aid (CIC),or receiver in the ear.
  • Bone conduction hearing aid
Hearing aid| definition, use, components and types
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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