Factors affecting Wound Healing

This article enumerates the general and local factors that affect the process of wound healing .

General Factors affecting wound healing : 

1. Age: Healing is slowly with elderly due to decreased  Protein turn over rate.
2.Nutritional Status as
Vit A Deficiency causes decreased Epithelialization
Vit. C Deficiency causes decreased Protocollagen maturity.
Protein Deficiency causes decreased  Collagen synthesis.
Also ,Calcium Zinc, Copper and Manganese plays a minor role in wound healing,
3. Cortisone Adminiftration : as it inhibits Fibroblast  proliferation.
 4.  Irradiation : Leads to End arteritis obliterans  >>  Ischaemic wound.
5. Chronic Diseases: like Uraemia, Diabetes & Malignancy delay healing

wound healing

Local Factors affecting Wound Healing : 

1. Poor vascularity causes decreased healing (e,g. below knee wounds) .2. High Tension: by  tight sutures or haematoma leads to ischaemia of the edges.
3.  Foreign body & Necrotic tissues : impair healing.
4.  Infection :  Bacteria competes with fibroblasts for oxygen , Also bacteria secretes enzymes which destroys collagen e.g, HyallUurindase .
5.  Immobilization : because early movement leads to capillary damage. 6. Adhesion to bony surface leads to  decrease wound contraction phase.
6. Adhesion to bony surface leads to  decrease wound contraction phase.
Factors affecting Wound Healing
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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