Types of Wound Healing

This article illustrates the 4 known types of  Wound Healing

1. Healing by Primary Intention:

This occurs with clean surgical wounds, there is little amount of Granulation tissues & minimal fibrosis .

So,, The final result is a fine Iinear Scar

2. Healing by Secondary Intention.:

This occurs with septic surgical wounds, there is Marked amount of Granulation tissues &.Marked fibrosis.

So The final result is a weak ugly Scar.

3. Healing by Tertiary Intemion :
 This occurs after 2ry suture or delayed 1ry suture.

The aim is to lessen the fibrosis & to obtain a fine linear scar similar to lry intention.
4.Healing of Partial Thickness wounds 

- In Superficial wounds , not penetrating the entire dermis.
- Seen in abrasions and first degree Burns .
- The healing process occurs mainly through epithelialization from remaining dermal elements.
- Minimal collagen production and scar formation , Less contraction .
Types of Wound Healing
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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