Allergic Rhinitis causes,symptoms and treatment

This article is to discuss  Rhinitis regarding its types , manifestations (clinical picture ) and methods of avoidance and treatment .

What is Rhinitis and what are its types ?

Rhinitis is present if sneezing attacks, nasal discharge or blockage occur for more than an hour on most days for a limited period of the year (seasonal rhinitis) or throughout the whole year (perennial rhinitis).

Seasonal rhinitis

- common in June and July .It is often called (hay fever), it is the most common allergic disease.
Symptoms : It is manifested by nasal irritation, sneezing and watery rhinorrhea. Itching of the eye and ears is common.
 Seasonal attacks of asthma and conjunctivitis may occur.

Allergic Rhinitis

Perennial rhinitis:

• Allergic rhinitis
• Non allergic rhinitis.
• Vasomotor rhinitis (No demonstrable allergy) due to autonomic imbalance of the nervous system innervating the nasal mucosa.
• Nasal polyps, there is loss of smell and taste, sneezing is rare.

 Allergen avoidance plus :
• Antihistamincs                         • Decongestants
• Steroid nasal spray                  • Sodium cromoglycate nasal spray 
Allergic Rhinitis causes,symptoms and treatment
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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