General features of Seronegative arthropathies

Seronegative arthropathies are group of sero negative arthritis (negative rheumatoid factor) that share certain epidemiologic, clinical and pathologic features. They all show considerable overlap and similarity of articular and extra - articular clinical features.

What are the variants of Seronegative arthropathies ?

They include :
Ankylosing spondylitis.
Reiter's disease.
Psoriatic arthritis.
• Post infectious reactive arthropathies.
• Enteropathic arthropathies associated with:.
• Ulcerative colitis.
• Chron's disease

General features of Seronegative arthropathies 

• Sacroiliitis and / or spondylitis.
• Asymmetrical peripheral arthritis.
• Familial association.
• High prevalence with HLA- B27 .
• Negative rheumatoid factor.
• Uveitis.
• Aortic root fibrosis aortic incompetence.
• Erythema nodosum.
Enthesitis i.e 'inflammation at the enthesis (the site of insertion of ligaments or tendons into bone).

Why possession of HLA - B27 predispose towards seronegative arthropathies !?

• There is a cross reactivity between HLA - B27 and an antigen carried by some invading organisms e.g. yersinea, Chlamydia, klebsiella?
• The invading organism in HLA - 827 initiates an autoimmune reaction or render the cells more susceptible to cytotoxic lymphocytes .
General features of Seronegative arthropathies
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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