Tympanosclerosis| definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Definition: A white snow like thickened areas (chalky patches) seen on the tympanic membrane.
1. It is the end point of a healing process in which the collagen in fibrous tissue hyalinizes and becomes fused in a homogeneous mass. Calcification and perhaps ossification may occur to a variable extent.

2. Site: most frequently affects the tympanic membrane, but the ossicles can also be affected causing varying degrees of immobility of the ossicular chain.

Causes of Tympanosclerosis

  1. Continued inflammation of the middle ear cleft and is present in one-quarter of ears with chronic otitis media.
  2. As a complication of ventilation tubes insertion, approximately 50% of ears treated with ventilation tubes develop some degree of tympanosclerosis.

Symptoms of Tympanosclerosis:

  • History of ear discharge or ventilation tube insertion.
  • Hearing loss of variable degree.
Signs (Doctor examination):
  • Large white rough patches are seen covering parts of the tympanic membrane.
  • Tympanic membrane perforation may be present.


  • P.T.A: Variable degree of conductive deafness.
  • Tympanometry: Shows reduced compliance.

Treatment of Tympanosclerosis

a. Medical treatment: needed only in the presence of ear discharge.

b. Surgery:
  • Tympanic membrane grafting after removal of tympanosclerotic plates.
  • Ossiculoplasty.
  • Hearing aid.
Tympanosclerosis| definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
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