Manifestations of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (symptoms, signs)

This article is to discuss the clinical picture of T.B ( manifestations | symptoms and signs ) .
TB is usually classified as pulmonary or extrapulmonary. In absence of HIV infection, it involves the lungs only in > 80% of cases. In presence of HIV, up to 2/3 of patientswith TB have either extrapulmonary disease alone or both pulmonary and extrapulmonary disease.

I- Clinical picture of Primary complex 

(it is often seen in children)
In most cases the primary infection produces no symptoms or signs. Fever, dry cough may occur for 1-2 weeks so, the condition usually passed unnoticed unless the following investigations are done.  :
- Chest x-ray , Sputum examination
- Tuberculin test shows conversion from -ve to +ve
So clinical disease results from the development of hypersensitivity or progression of the primary complex.

(A) Hypersensitivity: to tubercle bacilli may occur leading to:

a- Erythema nodosum       * Bluish red nodule
                                        * Raised
                                        * Tender
                                        * Cutaneous on the skin of tibia
                                        * Tuberculin test is strongly + ve
b- Pleural effusion===> exudative reaction (Hypersensitivity)
c- Phylectinular conjunctivitis.

(B) Progression of primary pulmonary tuberculosis :

- General features of T.B. as night fever and sweating with loss of weight and loss of appetite, Cough, haemoptysis may occur
- lung lesions ==> • Cavity
                            • Pneumonia (especially right middle lobe)
                            • Pleural effusion due to rupture of T.B Cavity into the pleura.

- Bronchial compresion by enlarging lymph nodes ===> Collapse (especially right middle lobe)

- Miliary T.B

- Dissemination

• The lung lesions in primary T.B is usually localized to the middle and lower lung zones.
• The primary T.B may resemble bacterial pneumonia and should be especially suspected with history of close contact to a case of T.B.

II. Post primary T.B.

This occurs due to second exposure or reactivation of primary T.B as mentioned, it may presented by the following:
* General features of T.B. : night fever and sweating,loss of weight and appetite
* Cough, expectoration
* Haemoptysis may result form :
1- Bleeding from vascular tissue granulation
2- Erosion of big vessel traversing a tuberculous cavity
* Manifestations of pneumonia, cavity, milliary T.B. or pleural effusion

The lesion in post primary T.B is usually localized to the apical and posterior segments of the upper lobes.
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Manifestations of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (symptoms, signs)
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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