Miliary tuberculosis manifestations and investigations

Manifestations of Miliary tuberculosis :

• Fever, sweating during sleep, loss of weight.
• Cough and dyspnea.
• Wide spread crepitations may be heard
• Fundus examination may shows choroidal tubercules.
• It also affecting kidney and bone marrow.

Investigations to diagnose Miliary tuberculosis:

• Chest x-ray showing miliary shadows.
• Tuberculin test is usually negative in the later stages of the disease.
• Bacteriological examination of sputum, urine or bone marrow.
• Blood picture, anemia and leucopenia may present.

Presentation of cryptic miliary T.B.

• Age over 60 years.
• Fever of unkown etiology and weight loss.
• Hepatosplenomegally in 25-50%.
• Normal chest X -ray.
• Negative tuberculin test.
• Blood picture showing leukaemoid reaction, pancytopenia also may occur.
• Confirmation by biopsy of liver or bone marrow.
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Miliary tuberculosis manifestations and investigations
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