Oliguria and Anuria definition and causes

Here, we are going to discuss the definitions and causes of both Oilguria and Anuria, which are urinary symptms .

What is meant by Oliguria and Anuria ?

Oliguria means Urine output < 400 mL/day (which is the minimal volume of urine which is necessary to excrete the waste products), this varies with diet, physical activity and metabolic rate as well as renal function.
Causes: See Acute renal failure.

Anuria means that urine volume is < 100 ml / 24hrs, it raises the possibility of urinary tract obstruction.

* 200 ml- 300 ml urine output / day might be sufficient fora healthy man on a protein free diet, whereas 2 Litres might be insufficient when chronic renal failure is present.

* Non oliguric renal failure is relatively common, (20% of cases) ..and frequently unrecognized.
Oliguria and Anuria definition and causes
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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