Haematuria definition, types and causes

Here is a discussion of Hematuria , which is a known urinary symptom , regarding its definition, types and causes .

What is meant by Haematuria ?

Presence of blood in urine attributed to bleeding from the urinary tract .

Types of Haematuria 

- Painful & Painless 
- Early ( at the beginning of micturition ) &  Late (at the end of micturition) & Hematuria all through .

Causes of  Painless Haematuria ?

Haematuria- Glomerulonephritis.
- Urinary tract infection, tuberculosis and bilharziasis.
- Cancer bladder or papilloma.
- Hypernephroma.
- Malignant hypertension.
- Renal cystic disease or renal vascular disease.

Causes of Painful hematuria ?

- Renal stones.
- Urinary tract infections.
- Renal papillary necrosis.
- Trauma

When there is also frequency or dysuria, the bleeding is mostly from the bladder .
- Hematuria that clears during micturation arises from the urethra .(Early)
- Hematuria all through usually arises from the kidney.
- Terminal hematuria is also of bladder origin as in cases of Bilharziasis .
Haematuria definition, types and causes
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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