Diseases of the tongue : Glossitis,Leukoplakia and Tumors

This is a list of the different types of diseases that affect the tongue.

1. Glossitis 

- It may be involved in stomatitis due to nutritional deficiency.
- Glossitis is a red, smooth, sore tongue seen in 812, folate and iron

2. Leukoplakia:

It is a chronic lesion (White, firm smooth patches).
It usually starts at the side of the tongue.
Early it is not painful but later become tender.
It is associated with alcohol and smoking.
It may precede the development of carcinoma.
Isotretinoin may reduce disease progression.

3. Black hairy tongue:

It is due to proliferation of chromogenic microorganisms causing brown staining of elongated filiform papillae.
It is of Unknown etiology .

4. Functional disorders of the tongue :

Glossodynia (painful tongue) and glossopyrosis (burning sensation in the tongue) if the tongue looks normal the cause may be depression.
Bad taste in the mouth is sometimes due to drugs or sinusitis but it may reflect anxiety or depression.

5. Tumors of the tongue :

Squamous cell carcinoma.
Kaposi's sarcoma in AIDS.
Diseases of the tongue : Glossitis,Leukoplakia and Tumors
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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