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Correction of hypokalemia induced by insulin infusion in treatment of DKA

    Normal serum k+ -----------(3.5 - 5 meq/L)
  • Serum k+ is measured every hour during treatment of DKA
  • amount of k+ given is determined according to serum k+ level
serum k+ (meq/l)                  amount of k+ given (meq)

     < 3                                                 40
     3 - 4                                               30
     4 - 5                                               20
     5 - 6                                               10
     > 6                                                 0
Monitoring of serum k+ is continued every hour even after stoppage of  k+ administration to avoid recurrent hypokalemia

N.B. Due to hyperosmolarity of k+ solution ,it must be diluted.


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