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Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis aetiology, symptoms, signs, treatment

Definition: Chronic non-specific rhinitis with hypertrophy of nasal mucosa especially that of the turbinates.

Aetiology (causes)

  • Repeated acute rhinitis.
  • Chronic sinusitis.
  • Chronic irritation of nasal mucosa e.g., dust, allergy, or drugs.


  • Bilateral nasal obstruction.
  • Bilateral mucoid discharge (anterior and postnasal).


  • Hypertrophied nasal mucosa especially the inferior turbinate (doesn’t shrink with vasoconstrictors).
  • Sticky mucopurulent discharge.

Treatment of Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis:

a. Treatment of the cause: e.g. allergy (give anti-histaminic).

b. Medical
Topical steroids.
c. Surgical: turbinate reduction surgery
  • Submucosal diathermy.
  • Partial turbinectomy.
  • Laser turbinectomy, coblation, or shaver turbinate reduction.


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