Functions of the Liver , Classified

This is a classified summary of liver functions .

a- Protein metabolism
- Synthesis of albumin, alpha & beta globulins. 
- Synthesis of coagulation factors. 
- Synthesis of urea from ammonia. 

b - Carbohydrate metabolism
-  Aftér meals: Glycogenesis & Lipogenesis.
- During fasting: glycogenolysis & gluconeogenesis.

c - Lipid metabolism
- Synthesis, esterification & excretion of cholesterol. 
- Synthesis & degradation of triglycerides.
 - Synthesis of lipoproteins.

d - Bile pigments metabolism
- Uptake, Conjugation with glucuronic acid & Excretion.

e - Bile salts metabolism
- Synthesis from cholesterol & Excretion.

f - Detoxification of drugs & toxins

g - Endocrine functions 

h - Haematopoietic functions

- During foetal life & in certain diseases.

i-  Immune functions

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