Peptic Ulcer causes and risk factors (Acute)

What is  Peptic Ulcer ?
It is ulceration of mucosa bathed in gastric juice.

Where does Peptic Ulcer occur ?

Site :  A- Duodenum à (commonest).
            B- Stomach.
            C- Rarely in: Jejunum, Esophagus, Mickle’s diverticulum .

What are the Causes and predisposing factors of  Peptic Ulcer ?

1- Gastric irritants : Spices, Aspirin, NSAID, Cortisone, alcohol .......... etc.

2- Stress Ulcers:

- Hge, shock, cardiac infarction,

- Cerebral trauma, stroke (Cushing ulcer)

- Endotoxic shock, Burns (Curling's Ulcer)

What are the complications of Peptic Ulcer ?
1. Hematemesis                                         2. Chronicity
3. Perforation (Very rare)

Peptic Ulcer causes and risk factors (Acute)
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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