Influenza causes , diagnosis , complications and treatment with video

Flu is one of the commonest diseases all over the world , here is a brief review of that disease .
Causes: Myxoviruses type A, B
I.P: 1-3 days.

Clinical Picture:

• Sudden onset of pyrexia, generalized aches, anorexia, nausea and vomiting.• Symptoms usually subside within 3-5 days, but may be followed by post
influenzal asthenia which may persist for several weeks.


• Tracheitis • Bronchitis
• Bronchiolitis • Bronchopneumonia.
** 2ry bacterial infection by strept. Pneumoniae H.influenza can occur .
• Toxic cardiomyopathy.
• Encephalitis.
• Demyelinating encephalopathy and peripheral neuropathy.
• Post influenzal asthenia.


• Bed rest until fever has subsided.
• Paracetamol 500 mg/6hrs.
• Antitussive.
• Specific therapy of pneumonia may be needed (see later).


Vaccination especially for risky or susceptible people e.g.:
• Chronic heart disease.
• Chronic chest disease e.g. COPD, interstitial pulmonary diseases, bronchial
• Chronic renal failure.
• D.M
• Immunocompromised patients.

What Is Influenza?

How Is Influenza Diagnosed?

Influenza causes , diagnosis , complications and treatment with video
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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