Common Cold review in brief , with video

Here we will give short notes on one of the commonest respiratory diseases , Common Cold .
it is also called Acute corysa  .

• It is a highly infectious disease.
• It is due to rhinovirus.

• The incubation period is 12 hours - 5 days.

symptoms and signs of common cold

• There is rapid onset of low-grade fever, burning sensation in nose, sneezing,
sore throat, blocked nose with watery discharge eventually becoming thick
and rnucopurulant.
• Complications are sinusitis, lower respiratory tract infection e.g. bronchitis,
pneumonia and otitis media.

• No specific therapy, most do not require treatment. Paracetamol 0.5 gm/6-8
hours and nasal decongestant for relief of systemic symptoms, no need of
antibiotics in uncomplicated cases.
Common Cold review in brief , with video
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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