Felty's syndrome definition, clinical picture, investigations, treatment

This article is to discuss Felty's syndrome regarding its definition, symptoms, signs, investigations and treatment .

What is meant by Felty's syndrome ?

• It is a variant of rheumatoid disease.
• It is a rheumatoid disease + splenomegally + leucopenia.

Clinical picture of Felty's syndrome ?


• Picture of rheumatoid disease.
• LN++ (they are palpable in the distribution of affected joints) and splenomegally with hypersplenism.
• Liver enlargement (due to. lymphocytic infiltration of the liver) .

.• Anaemia of chronic disease usually occur or due to iron deficiency (blood loss) due to NSAIDs or rarely haemolytic anaemia (coomb's positive).


• As rheumatoid disease (sero -ve) i.e -ve rheumatoid factor.
• Blood picture showing pancytopenia (hypersplenism).

 Treatment of Felty's syndrome

directed to joint disease + splenectomy if needed.
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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