Friedlander pneumonia (Klebsiella) features, DDx and treatment

Friedlander's pneumonia is a special type of community acquired pneumonia that is caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae (gram negative bacillus found in the normal flora of the mouth and intestinal tract) and usually affects the upper lobe of the lung .

Friedlander's pneumonia most commonly affects males over 40 years old ,espicially Alcoholics .

Clinical picture of Friedlander's pneumonia

- it is often accompanied with severe systemic manifestations ( high fever and rigors ) + pleuritic pain .
- Purulent , gelatinous or blood-stained sputum .
- Features of community acquired pneumonia .

what is the differential diagnosis of Apical lung lesion (lesion in upper lobe)

- Friedlander pneumonia
- Tuberculosis .
- Bronchiactasis sicca haemorrhagica .
- Pancoast tumor

Treatment of Friedlander pneumonia  :

 Antibiotics for gm - ve (for 2wks) e.g. gentamycin plus ceftazidime
(Fortum, third G cephalosporins) 1 gm/8hour IV or ciprofloxacine 200 mg/12 hour IV. 
Friedlander pneumonia (Klebsiella) features, DDx and treatment
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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