Abdominal Ultrasound | Renal sonar use and value

This article is to illustrate the use, significance and value of Ultrasound investigation of the the urinary system and we are focusing on Renal sonar .

Value and uses of kidney sonar 

1- Size of the kidney
(12 x 6 x3) cm
• Bipolar length (12-14 cm)
   ==> Shrunken
                    - Symmetrical   : Chronic G.N.
                    - Asymmetrical : Chronic Pyelonephritis
   ==> Enlarged
                    - Hydronephrosis
                    - Amyloidosis
                    - Polycystic kidney
                    - Diabetic nephropathy
2- Stones, Tumors, Cyst .
3- Dilated pelvi-calyceal system

4- Echogenecity
- Normally, there is a good differentiation between cortex & medulla.
- If there is poor differentiation = parenchymal disease, e.g. glomerulonephritis or pyelonephritis.
5- Parenchymal Thickness
- Normally it is around 2 cm

6- Biopsy guided by sonar
7- Visualization of the bladder .
- Especially bladder emptying, to assess the residual urine after micturation e.g. in cases of bladder neck obstruction, lower part ureters and prostate.
Abdominal Ultrasound | Renal sonar use and value
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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