How to get rid of Acne pimples at home , 10 ways

Acne and pimples vulgaris are two of the most common skin disorders, especially in youth , and its incidence is increasing due to increased life stress .

This article leads you to totally get rid of Acne and pimples in simple steps and free of charege , which means that you don't have to face the high expense of medications and specialist visits .

Here are ten methods to get rid of Acne an pimples which include natural cues and cheap medications in addition to lifestyle advise .

1. Do not pop it

Do not pop a pimple

If you want to aggravate your acne condition , then respond to your urge and temptation to pop it .
Simply, this the worst action you can do with acne , as popping the pimple causes spread of bacteria from it to nearby pores which means production of more pimples instead of fighting them .

Popping also inflames the acne area which can lead to scarring .

2. Use Aspirin paste

Aspirin is a widely used anti-inflammatory drug , which mostly exists in every house on this planet and it is cheap .
Aspirin paste to get rid of Acne

Aspirin can be useful in managing acne , by making " Aspirin paste " which consists of Water and aspirin in a ratio of 3 : 1 parts respectively .Once the mixture had thickened take a Q-tip and apply to the aggravated area .

After about half an hour , the mixture will harden and begins to flake off , now you should wipe it off using a tissue .

3. Use Aloe vera

aloe vera treats acne

It is great as it works against inflammation and it reduces redness of dimples, as well as cooling the skin down , which makes you feel much better .

4. The Swimming pool idea

If you can , go to the nearest pool and have a swim , the idea is that Chlorine dry the skin out and this helps in removing dimples .
Just moisturize the rest of your skin properly to protect against damage .

5. Steam

You can use steam for its great advantages in healing of acne .
Steam moisturizes and detoxifies your skin in addition to its ability to open your pores , preventing clogging .

6. The Cucumber benefits

Cucumber is know to have an anti-inflammatory effects , thus it reduces the redness and swelling of the pimples .
A good recipe consists of finely grated cucumber pieces with 3 teaspoons of lemon juice , then applying the paste to your skin for 10-15 minutes only .

7. Honey mask

Honey mask

You can make a honey mask by putting two tablespoons of the golden elixir with a teaspoon of cinnamon and then applying it to the affected skin for about 10 minutes then rinse it by warm water .

Honey has natural antibiotic effect which helps in reducing the size of pimples  , and it helps to remove excess impurities and dirts from your skin .

8. Garlic clove , a powerful cure

If you ask me to choose only one method of those , the most effective , I will choose Garlic .
Garlic is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal in addition to its great antioxidant effects .

You can try this idea by rubbing a peeled clove of garlic on the affected area . But if you can't do this , you can simply increase the amount of garlic in your food .

9. You can use Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains silica which can keep moisture out , it also has the ability to dry and reduce the size of the pimple over night .

Method : Just apply some paste over the pimple before sleep , and leave it till the morning .

10. Tea Tree Oil

Studies revealed that Tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide , the well known acne medication .
In addition, Tea tree oil anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects .

Method : Apply the oil to the affected area using a piece of cotton .
How to get rid of Acne pimples at home , 10 ways
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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