5 reasons why Pomegranate should be essential in your diet

Pomegranates are traditionally known as a symbol of health, fertility and youth . Pomegranates are also considered as the " fruits of paradise " in many ancient cultures .
Here are 5 reasons that would make you have Pomegranates every day in your diet .
benefits of pomergranate

1. Pomegranates increase LIBIDO and Stamina 

Researchers from Queen Margaret University conducted a research which concluded that one glass of pomegranate juice greatly increases testosterone levels in both men and women , this makes it a powerful  natural aphrodisiac .

Studies also suggest that pomegranates increase stamina because they contain steroid horome-like substances .
This makes your sexual experience much better with a natural,cheap product , this also explains why in some ancient cultures , pomegranates were considered as a symbol of fertility . 

2. Pomegranates keeps you looking younger

Our skin wrinkles and other signs of aging are caused by free radical damage of our cells .
How can we protect our cells against free radical damage ?
Powerful Antioxidants ( like Polyphenolic compounds in pomegranates ) are the best solution to delay the process of aging , thus keeping your skin glowing and radiant for a long time .

Pomegranates also helps in cellular regeneration especially skin cells , and they have Moisturizing effect and they help in exfoliating dead cells present on skin .

3. Prevents Heart diseases

Polyphenols (compounds found in pomegranates )are powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidation of Cholesterol -->  prevents plaque formation and development of coronary artery disease .

Studies has shown that pomegranate components reduce risk factors for heart disease, in patients with diabetes and high LDL levels of the blood .

It also lowers blood pressure through inhibiting the activity of serum angiotensin-converting enzyme .
Pomegranate juice

4. Decreases stress levels and depression

Pomegranates decrease the level of Cortisone " a Stress hormone (increased under stressful situations) " and this leads to decreasing levels of psychological stress and depression , according to a study conducted by Queen Margaret University .

5.  Protects against Alzheimer’s disease 

A study conducted by Hartman and colleagues concluded that pomegranate juice decreases the accumulation and deposition of amyloid in the hippocampus region of the brain by 50%, which is considered for Alzheimer’s disease improvement .
 So, if you don't want to be a victim of  Alzheimer’s disease , pomegranate should be essential in your daily diet .
5 reasons why Pomegranate should be essential in your diet
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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