Localized Otitis Externa (Furunculosis)| definition, causes, symptoms, signs and treatment

Furunculosis (Localized Otitis Externa) is defined as acute staphylococcal infection of a hair follicle.
It is more likely to occur in Diabetic patients, and it caused by "staphylococcus aureus" infection as discussed before.

Symptoms of Furunculosis:

1. Severe Pain ( as skin is tightly attached to perichondrium) on mastication.

2. Deafness (if it is large).
3. Ear Discharge (if ruptured) which is purulent and scanty.

Signs of Furunculosis:

1. Tenderness on moving the auricle, or on applying pressure on Tragus.
2. Localized red, tender swelling.
3. Discharge: scanty and purulent.
4. Pre- and post-auricular lymphadenopathy.


Blood Glucose is recommended.

Defferential diagnosis:

Acute Mastoiditis

Treatment of Furunculosis:

A. Systemic: Antibiotics and Analgesics.
B. Local: 
- Aural toilet (Suction or dry mopping).
- Packing the External Auditory Canal with gause strip soaked with Glycerine icthyol, or steroids and antiseptic like Kenacomb cream.

- Local heat.
- Incision: in case of abscess formation.

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Localized Otitis Externa (Furunculosis)| definition, causes, symptoms, signs and treatment
Dr.Tamer Mobarak


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